Since 1973 I'm a choir conductor. I studied conducting with a.o. Jos van Veldhoven, Daniel Reuss and Jaap Hillen. 







Nowadays I'm conducting: 

Church Choir St. Caecilia

This choir has its base at the St. Nicolaas church in Heythuysen, Netherlands. The mixed choir has a repertoire in Latin, Dutch, English, German and French. The male members of the choir also sing Gregorian plainchant every third week.

Click here to go to the parish's site, in Dutch. 

Bach Cantata's


In 2017 I started a project with the aim to perform Bach Cantata's on a regular basis in the

St. Nicolaaschurch in Heythuysen (NL).

In my humble opinion Bach was the greatest musical genius ever. It's is nice letting many people enjoy his music.

For more info, take a look at the website (Dutch)


Bach Cantates Heythuysen.



Kamerkoor Couleur Vocale

From 1992 until 2013 I conducted Kamerkoor Couleur Vocale, a mixed ensemble from the Netherlands.

We recorded 3 CD's, you can find the last one,

"Dormi Jesu" on Spotify.